CNAP Art Gallery

The Art Gallery of the CNAP, announces; painting, sculpture and serigraphy, of Portuguese and foreign artists.

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The CNAP ( Clube Nacional de Artes Plásticas) , was born in Lisbon in 1999. Its main objective is the promotion and teaching of Plastic Arts, especially contemporary art. The club integrates two types of members: Artists and collectors. The CNAP announces the work of the artists’ partners either through exhibitions, or through the presence on the web and social networks: Facebook. He periodically exhibits painting, sculpture, drawing and serigraphy exhibitions in his Gallery in Lisbon, where artists such as António, Artur Bual, Chichorro, Gil Teixeira Lopes, Gustavo Fernandes, José Guimarães, Júlio Pomar, Júlio Resende, Mariola Landowska , Matilde Marçal, Miguel Barbosa, Oliveira Tavares, Paul Mathieu, Velhô, Vieira Batista, Xicofran. In the sculpture stand out the names of: Antonieta Roque Gameiro, António Lopes, Artur Aleixo, Cutileiro, Moisés, Rogério Alves, Rogério Timóteo.

The CNAP also has an Painting Academy, where the different techniques are taught to different levels of students.


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