Luís Athouguia

LUÍS ATHOUGUIA (Cascais 1953) has been presenting his work since 1983
hundreds of relevant Exhibitions and Art Biennials in Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Italy. Considered one of the great talents in the artistic world of his generation.



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It is represented in museums, institutions and important national and foreign collections.
He was distinguished with the Vespeira Prize at the 1997 Montijo Biennial and the Salon Award of the National Society of Fine Arts 2011.
About him said Manuel da Silva Ramos: All the pictures where the formidable cake reigns
by Louis Athouguia, are windows open to emotion. They are windows that make us see lives
guillotined but which enjoy a faculty of locomotion disproportionate. Are windows
that leave behind the more practical everyday life open to fast seas of
thought. They are ceaseless windows that give to the quivering mountains of dreams. Not
let us be afraid to say it: Athouguia’s substantial cake illuminates our night and brings us the purity of the primitive times when we could touch the stars with our hands.
Let’s say: no one currently in Portugal does such a painting. Luis Athouguia is
unique and unclassifiable (it is not surrealistic nor does it cease to be when it affirms its reticence!) and it is all this voluptuousness of the dream that makes its force. And also your balance. Now that Mário Botas, Cesariny and Álvaro Lapa have died, Luís Athouguia has left us to lead us to the country where rabbits wear wristwatches and girls have more than two breasts in their chests.




Dimensões:  70 x 50

Técnica: Pastel Seco


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