MARIA REIS. He was born in Lisbon in 1949.
Disciple of the Master Sculptor António Santos and of the Plastic Artists Rocha de Sousa Isabel Gândara and Glória Helena attended the courses of Drawing in SNBA (National Society of Fine Arts),



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Maria Reis studied Sculpture and Communication Design at ESBAL (School of Fine Arts in Lisbon) and Painting at AR.CO (Art and Communication Center).
Since 1990 he has participated in more than 14 individual exhibitions and 38 collective exhibitions
In addition to the painting he performed other works of which stand out:
Collaboration with Artist Isabel Gandara in the execution of a mural panel for the School of Hospitality and Tourism;
Design of logos (ex: Nogueira Root, Aldeia de Irmãos, Azeitão)
Costume Designers
Teaching of Drawing and Painting at CNAP, National Club of Plastic Arts.
Represented in several private collections in mainland and island Portugal, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, South Africa, Brazil and U.S.A.
He executed illustrations for the CNAP Magazine, CULT CNAP Magazine, “Poems of Me” book and poetry book by João Manuel Cupertino
Galleries in which it is represented:
Gallery of the National Club of Plastic Arts (CNAP)


Magazine of Plastic Arts of Cnap
CULT Magazine
Yearbook 2003 of Fernando Infante do Carmo
Anuáro 2005 by Fernando Infante do Carmo
Golden Book of Contemporary Art in Portugal by Fernando Infante do Carmo

Featured Artist 2007 at Galeria Art Portugal



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