Miguel Barbosa

Miguel Barbosa 1925 – 2019. Writer, paleontologist and poet Miguel Barbosa’s painting is also an epic.
The history of the world and before the world, is the movement of the universe of warriors and planets, is life and is also before life. As a battlefield, it is a broad, grandiose, rhythmic, theatrical movement.



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Harmonious colors, careful observation, red backgrounds and white beaches adorned with black, rhythm and strength, denote the presence of a great artist.

He received several awards as a painter.
Speaking only of gold silver medals:
silver medal Concours International 19ème Académie de Lutèce, Paris;
Chevalet d’or, Ambily, France; Gold Medal Incentive Association l’l’Elite, France;
Gold Medal of the “best selection European artist” Chateau de Saint Victor, France.
He was appointed representative of Portugal at the “Montmartre in Europe” art exhibition, Paris, 1996.
In 2009, he was honored with the Jorge Amado Medal by the Brazilian Union of Writers.

Artist elected of Commanderie D’Unet. He received the gold medal of the D’Unet Museum, his greatest distinction, granted very rarely. In addition to being in this Museum, his works are in permanent collections of the Palace of the Elysee, Museum of the Vatican, Museum of the Louvre, among others.

The painting by Miguel Barbosa has religious and historical consonances, sometimes evoking memories, is monochromatic, elegant and discreet, but does not need a signature so the talent and style of the author are recognized.

Jane Chirossot-Chambeaux
Conservative of the Musée de la Commanderie d’Unet


Título aqui

Dimensões: 120 x 80

Técnica: Acrílico s/ tela

Acrílico S/ Tela

Acrílico S / tela

Acrílico S / tela

Dimensões: 70 x 50

Técnica: Acrílico s/tela Com moldura

Dimensões: 100 x 70

Técnica: Acrílico s/tela

Acrílico S / tela

Dimensões: 25×50

Técnica: Serigrafia

Dimensões: N/A

Técnica: Acrílico s/ Papel


Acrílico S / papel

Acrílico s/ papel

Miguel Barbosa

1925 – 2019

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