Noronha da Costa

Noronha da Costa was born in Lisbon. He studied architecture at the Superior School of Fine Arts in Lisbon. He exhibited individually for the first time in 1962 (Lisbon, Paris, Munich)



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In 1966 he exhibited at the Salon de Maio, São Paulo Biennial and was awarded the Soquil Prize for his performance in the 1968-69 season. At the age of 27 Noronha da Costa “meets a very broad critical and public consensus” in the Portuguese artistic panorama. Noronha da Costa began to take the first steps in the painting very young, receiving classes of Eduarda Lapa. It was, however, in the middle of the Architecture course, that he attended the Superior School of Fine Arts in Lisbon, which began his career as a plastic artist.

He began by producing a series of objects and collages, which he would send to collective exhibitions of the National Society of Fine Arts. Beginning to garner recognition from critics. The artist made transparent, through the use of oil, images taken from magazines. Creating in this way, on the screen two figurative sets that interfered with each other. His first works of relief were mainly collages “in which an imagistic search of a poetic character was identified, which soon afterwards was translated by the use of illustrated oil-impregnated magazines in order to bring the reverse and the reverse in a same plane and then he devoted himself to the construction of objects, in which the use of mirrors and unpolished glass produces unprecedented spatial effects “, with the intersection between real and virtual spaces.

From then on Noronha da Costa would be the author of a singular work in the context of Portuguese painting. In search of a sensual perspective of the images. Noronha da Costa recreates a three-dimensionality that challenged the viewer’s perception through mock frames of romantic motifs.


Dimensões: 90 x 150

Técnica: Acrílico e pastel


Técnica: Serigrafia


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