Paul Mathieu

Paul Mathieu, was born in Brussels in 1953. Of autodidactic formation was nevertheless a literary work of the Prof. Rocha de Sousa that had more influence in the formation of his style. He has been living in Portugal since 1979.



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Paul Mathieu developed a remarkable work in the field of the plastic arts, with numerous exhibitions both individual and collective has gained the appreciation of an increasingly loyal public.

Paul Mathieu / Individual exhibitions:

1978- Annual Meeting of artists and antique dealers on Place du Sablon, Brussels

1987- Gallery of Temporary Exhibitions at the Regional Museum of Sintra

– Europa Club Overeise, Brussels

– Palace of the Coruchéus, Lisbon

1988- National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon

1994- Alliance Française, Lisbon – Gallery Escada 4, Cascais

1998- Expo’98 – Pavilion of Belgium, Lisbon

1999- “Autant en emporte le vent …” – Galeria Pirâmide, Lisboa

“Abstraction Evocative” – ​​Artur Bual Municipal Gallery, Amadora

– “The Intuition of the Movement” – Galeria Qtª. Stª António, Aveiro

2000- “The Dynamics of Fragmentation” – Water Museum, Lisbon

– “Liberté du Geste” – Gallery 7th Walk to the Park, Lisbon

2001- Lapa Gallery, Lisbon

– “Coloration Cinétique” – Galerie Artitude, Paris

2007- Gallery of the Ordem dos Médicos, Lisbon

2008- “30 years of painting” – Anthological in the Mother of Agua das Amoreiras, Lisbon

2010- “Routes of Light” – CNAP Gallery, Lisbon

2011- “Atmospheric Contrast” – Paula Cabral Gallery, Lisbon

2012 – “Variations within an own style.” – CNAP Gallery, Lisbon

Paul Mathieu / Group exhibitions:

1989- “Les Bateaux de Pêche vous par …” – Galerie Alfican, Brussels

1991- Art Portugal – Abbaye de Forest, Brussels

– “Projeto Crearte” – Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisboa

1994- S. Bento Gallery, Lisbon

1998- Centennial of Raposeira Champagne – C.C.Belém, Lisbon

1999- 6th Festival of Foreign Communities – Oikos Space, Lisbon

– “A Portrait for Fernando Pessoa” – Espaço Mar Português, Lisboa and itinerant

2000- “The Art and the Imagination of Europe” – Water Museum, Lisbon

2002- Vespeira Prize VII Biennial of Plastic Arts, Montijo

2004- VI Bienal dos Lions – Oficina da Cultura, Almada

2005- Prize Vespeira VIII Biennial of Plastic Arts, Montijo

2006- Tapices de Portalegre – Carlos de Amberes Foundation, Madrid


1991 – “Work of Merit” – 1st International Art Fair, Port’Arte 91, Portimão
1996 – “Honorable Mention” – 1st Biennial Cardoso Lopes, Amadora

1998 – Silver Medal at the 6th Biennial of the Artistic Label of the Diário de Notícias (Champagne Raposeira Centennial)

2002 – VII Biennial of Plastic Arts Prize Vespeira, Montijo selected in painting.

2004 – VIII Biennial of Plastic Arts Prize Vespeira, Montijo selected in painting and photography

2009 – 7th Amadeo Souza Cardoso Award, Amarante selected in painting.

Television Interventions:

1990 – “Ponto por ponto” with Helena Balsa on RTP 1

1992 – Affiches program on TV 5 Europe

1996 – “Primeira Fila” with Bárbara Guimarães on TVI

1998 – “Acontece” in RTP 2

– “Praça da Alegria” by Manuel Goucha on RTP 1


– Ministry of Industry and Energy

– Museum of the City of Lisbon

– Museu Diogo Gonçalves in Portimão

– Regional Museum of Sintra

– Museu Carlos Reis in Torres Novas

– Water Museum in Lisbon

– Guy Fino Tapestries Museum in Portalegre

– Bank Espirito Santo

– Banco Totta and the Azores

– Brisa – Auto-Estradas de Portugal

– Caves Sandeman, Vila Nova de Gaia

– Carlupi Insurance

– Tranquility Insurance Company

– Gás de Portugal, Lisbon

– Groupama Insurance

– Marfil, Lda, Lisboa

– Timing Alliance, Lisboa

– Sonae, Porto

– Fournier Farmacêutica Portugal S.A, Lisboa

– Portuleiter S.A, Vila Franca de Xira

– António Prates Foundation, Ponte de Sor

– Citroën Collection, Lisbon

Portalegre Tapestries Manufacturing:

– Execution of two tapestries in 2004/2005 [/ read]

Dimensões: 46 x 38

Técnica: Acrílico s/ tela


Dimensões: 20 x 20

Técnica: Acrílico s/ Tela


Título aqui

Dimensão 81 x 100

Acrílico s/tela

Sem titulo 

Dimensões: 38 x 46

Técnica: Acrílico s/ tela

Paris Texas

Dimensões: 67 x 75

Técnica: Fotografia intervencionada


Dimensão: 67×67

Acrilíco s/tela

Sem titulo 

Dimensões: 38 x 46

Técnica: Acrílico s/ tela

Paul Mathieu

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