Rogério Timóteo

Rogério Timóteo, the top name of national sculpture. He was born in Sintra, in 1967. Since 1989, he develops individual work. In 1991 he attended the course “New Technologies in Marble” in Vila Viçosa.

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Rogério Timóteo attended the drawing course with a live model at the Society of Fine Arts in Lisbon. Currently lives and works in Sintra. From an early age he was interested in the arts, but it was in the meeting with Mestre Anjos Teixeira, of whom he was a student for five years, which opened the horizons for sculpture. Reinforcing this learning, he attended the course “New Technologies of Marble” in Vila Viçosa and the course of drawing – National Society of Fine Arts in Lisbon. Having been born and raised in a region predominantly linked to the extraction and transformation of marble, it is natural that he chooses marble as the preferred raw material for his sculptures, not excluding, however, approaches to new materials and techniques such as bronze, iron and more recently resins. It already has 23 solo exhibitions and more than 100 collective exhibitions. He is represented in private collections in Portugal, Switzerland, France, Germany, USA, England, Poland, Canada and Spain.

Dimensão 40 x 25 x 18 Escultura Bronze
Homem Alado |
038x052x017 Escultura Bronze
038x040x012 cm Escultura Bronze
Dimensão 50 x 50 Relevo metal
Cidade vertical 
Dimensão 69 x 17 x 15 Escultura em Ruivina
Rogério Timóteo

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