Saulo Silveira

Saulo Silveira was born in Brazil in 1950. In 1988 he began the Painting course at the School of Visual Arts at Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro. He spends most of his childhood in contact with nature, on farms where rivers and virgin forests forever mark his memory.



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in 1976 – Moves to Rio de Janeiro and works for the main advertising agencies in Rio de Janeiro, with established professionals. It produces illustrations for the main Brazilian and international companies.

1988 – Selected for several art salons in Brazil. Conquest prize in the 5th Brazilian Salon of Plastic Arts in São Paulo.

1989 – Won the acquisition prize at the 5th Contemporary Art Hall of Americana-SP, as well as Special Reference of the Jury at the XVII Spring Salon, in the city of Resende, State of Rio de Janeiro. is indicated to carry out individual exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Americana, of the State of São Paulo.

1990 – Moves to Lisbon, Portugal. Works in illustrations for the main Portuguese advertising companies.

1994 – Begins to exhibit in Lisbon, continuing his painting, which carried out alongside the publicity illustration.

Since 1996 – He dedicates only painting, and the following year, he totally disengages himself from the advertising illustration.

In 1990 Saulo Silveira moved to Lisbon, continuing to dedicate himself to painting that runs parallel to the publicity illustration. He began to exhibit in 1994, and from that time on he dedicated himself exclusively to painting.



Dimensões: 160 x 80

Técnica: Acrílico s/tela

Dimensões: 160 x 80

Técnica: Acrílico s/tela


Dimensões: 160 x 100

Técnica: Óleo s/ tela

Dimensões: 160 x 90

Técnica: óleo s / tela

Saulo Silveira 

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