Tereza Trigalhos was born in Paços de Ferreira in 1952.
Graduated in the Superior School of Fine Arts of Porto, in the Painting course.
Participated in study trips to the United States, Spain, Switzerland and the United States.

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Everything in the painting of Tereza Trigalhos refers us to the dichotomies and the radicalism of excesses: form and color, the dynamics of gesture and anthropocentric composition, the worldliness between the real and the transcendent … The stories that synthesizes, fruit random of many pictorial ramblings, have in the characters that levitate in their pictures. The screen is the ideal support for necessarily fluid and comprehensive feelings. The broad brushstroke and the movement it prints on the canvas are striking features of his work. Participated in numerous collective exhibitions, nationally and internationally, held more than forty individual exhibitions in Portugal, USA, Brazil and Spain. It is represented in several institutional and private collections, galleries, museums and national and international galleries.

Título aqui

Óleo Sobre tela 100 x 81

Título aqui

Óleo sobre tela 100 x 81

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