Alfredo Coelho

Alfredo Coelho it is An important name of Portuguese painting. Born in 1959 in Angola. In 1976 he went to Brazil where he lived for about 20 years. He then lived for four years in Germany, having recently returned to Portugal.


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Alfredo Coelho attended high school in Luanda and attended architecture in Rio de Janeiro, having started her professional activity as a project designer and interior decorator. At the same time, she participated in Marisa Guerra’s painting studio. Since 1980 he has devoted himself almost exclusively to painting, but he has also made illustrations of books, magazines, covers of discs, etc. He has held 25 solo exhibitions in Portugal, France, Germany and Brazil. He was distinguished with several prizes including the 1st Prize (Public) and Work of Merit at the 1st International Salon of Portimão Art, as well as the Trophy of 1st Prize and Honorable Mention at the XIII Art Salon of Itatiaia – Rio de Janeiro.
Alfredo Coelho: "Cavalos" | CNAP - Galeria de Arte Lisboa


Dimensões: 160 x 130
Refª: ALF-O019
Técnica: Acrílico s/ Tela

Alfredo Coelho | CNAP - Galeria de Arte Lisboa


Dimensões: 130 x 160
Refª: N/A
Técnica: Acrílico S/ Tela

Alfredo Coelho: “CRISTO III” | CNAP - Galeria de Arte Lisboa

Cristo III

Dimensões: 30 x 20
Refª: ALF-O024
Técnica: Acrílico s/ Papel

Alfredo Coelho: "Sevilhana" | CNAP - Galeria de Arte Lisboa


Dimensões: 40 x 65
Refª: ALF-S024
Técnica: Serigrafia

Alfredo Coelho: “Nú Feminino” | CNAP - Galeria de Arte Lisboa

Nú Feminino

Dimensões: 50 x 70
Refª: ALF-O004
Técnica: Acrílico s/ Tela

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