António Carmo

António Carmo was born in 1949 in Lisbon. He entered the School of Decorative Arts António Arroio, where he studied Decorative Painting. Still as a student he began attending the Lisbon tertúlias, namely in Brasileira do Chiado, Café Tarantela, Café Vává, Leitaria Garrett, etc.



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In “Brazileira”, he met and lived with some of the figures known to the national culture, such as Almada Negreiros, Abel Manta, Jorge Barradas and João Hogan, who in 1970 sponsored his exhibition at Galeria Diário de Notícias, and others who are still part of the his daily life, among them, Virgílio Domingues, Alberto Gordillo and Luís Lobato.

From then on, he began his international career, being his first exhibition at the Solidair Gallery in Rotterdam / The Netherlands. He settled temporarily in Brussels, where for some 22 years he has been in constant contact with several galleries such as Galerie L’Oeil, Racines and more recently the Galerie Albert I.

In Brussels, he also executed two large murals for the ABEP (Association of Portuguese Emigrants in Belgium) which were recently donated to the Chamber of St. Gilles / Brussels.

In the spirit of cultural dissemination that is always present in his social posture, he illustrated for some years the “Cultural Supplement” of the morning newspaper O Diário as well as other newspapers. He also formed the Parallel Group in the spring of 1974, along with some painters and sculptors: Adão Rodrigues, Alberto Gordillo,. . He subsequently joined several other artists, including Boavida Amaro, João Duarte, João Hogan, Jorge Vieira, José António Flores, Lurdes Freitas, Maurício Penha, Noémia Cruz and Querubim Lapa.

His curriculum includes numerous exhibitions, both national and foreign, which he invites to see under the heading “EXPOSITIONS”.

National Representations

Tavares Proença Júnior Museum in Castelo Branco,

Armindo Teixeira Lopes Museum in Mirandela,

Martins Correia Museum in Golegã,

Museum Grão Vasco in Viseu,

Diogo Gonçalves Museum in Portimão,

Municipal Museum of Estremoz,

Convent of Jesus Museum in Setúbal,

Caixa Geral de Depósitos Museum in Lisbon,

Sports Museum in Lisbon,

Dr. Santos Rocha Museum in Figueira da Foz,

Collection of the City Hall of Amadora,

Collection of Banco de Portugal,

Collection of Cultural Institute of Macao,

Collection of Montepio Geral,

Collection of City Hall of Lisbon,

Collection of Municipal Council of Beja,

Collection of Town Hall of Palmela,

Collection of Seixal City Hall,

Collection of Castro Verde Town Hall

Collection of Banco Internacional do Funchal

Collection of the Town Hall of Peniche

Collection of the Palace of Justice in Barreiro

International Representations

Montecatini Museums in Italy, S. Antonio de Los Banos in Cuba, Palace of Culture in Bulgaria, Angola, Pantwowe in Poland, Bodo Hüsing-Hoge Private Collection in Switzerland and Camões Institute in Luxembourg. Large panels at the APEB in Brussels.


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Illustration Prizes

Special MAC 1997 Painting MAC 2000.

Career MAC 2007

Exclusive Artist

Japan Arts Bank / Tokyo to Japan and Galerie Albert I / Brussels to Belgium. Paintings at the Galleries Albert I in Brussels.

Albino Moura

Alentejo o sobreiro

Dimensões: 50 x 70

Técnica: Óleo s/ tela

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