Gustavo Fernandes

Gustavo Fernandes has an academic and professional background developed in Canada, Portugal and England. Self-taught, creative and bold, in his work stand out details, objects, landscapes that give him a real surrealistic and hyper-realistic touch.
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Gustavo Fernandes incessantly seeks the freedom that the artist desires and practices it in a systematic way. On a solid path and wrapped around a

rich and intense interior life, acts through paints, brushes, brass, aluminum, stone, clay etc. moves with great dexterity in painting and drawing as in sculpture and photography. His palette of colors is varied, in hues and ranges that he uses with rigorous technique and strong and firm trait.

Educational Qualifications and Professional Training:

• Attended Dawson College.
• Specialization in the techniques and methods of Betty Edwards and “Drawing from the Artist Within” and “The Natural Way to Draw” by NIcolides.
• Professional training under the guidance of Retratista Francisco de Oliveira.
Work Performed:
• Created the Artistic Development Workshop – Arcos Gallery in Oeiras in 1990.
• Founder of the Artitude Group (with Luís Vieira-Baptista, Magnus de Monserrate and Victor Lages), in 1993.

Public work:
• Murals of the Mother Church of Pêro Pinheiro
• Wall of the Altar and Panels of the Nossa Senhora do Cabo Church in Linda-a-Velha
• Sculpture “The Dolphin” on the Cascais Marginal
• Decorative panels of the Hotel Marquês de Pombal in Lisbon
• The Yeatman Hotel in Gaia


It performed a total of more than 280 exposures:
50 Individual shows.
35 Joint and Group. (21, integrated into the activities of the Artitude Group between 1993/03.
Participated in more than 180 Collectives, between 1983/2012
In 27 years of artistic life, Gustavo Fernandes exhibited in more than 20 countries:
Canada / Spain / Germany / Belgium / Italy / Kazakhstan / Mozambique / Angola / U.S.A. / Netherlands / France / Austria / Finland / Brazil / Japan and recently in South Africa and Angola.

Invited by Unicef ​​and a German institution to be part of a United Buddy Bears initiative in which a work created by itself travels the World. Among the 140 countries elected by UNICEF are: Turkey / U.S.Australia / Argentina / Jerusalem / Seoul / Egypt / Poland / Uruguay / North Korea.


Much of his work is represented in institutional collections, public and private:
Grupo Edifer, Zara Portugal, Nokia Telecommunications Portugal, Hotel Marquês de Pombal in Lisbon, “The Yeatman” Hotel in Gaia, General Inspection of
Oeiras and Vendas Novas Municipalities and recently at the Sana Hotel in Luanda, Angola, Canada, the Netherlands, Spain, Japan,


Water Museum – E.P.A.L; João Mário Museum, Alenquer; Museum of the President of Astana in Kazakhstan; Museum of Aveiro; Museum of the Bairrada Wine, in Anadia.


• II Prize “Fidelidade Group” for Young Painters – Lisbon, 1990.
Electroliber Award for Best Ensemble – Sintra, 1992
• Public Painting Prize 2001, Galeria D’Art Vincent INDEG (Business School ISCTE) – Lisbon, 2001



Sem título

Dimensões: 60 x 130

Técnica: Acrílico S/ Tela

CNAP Abel Grade azulejo


Dimensões: 50 x 60
Refª: N/A
Técnica: Óleo S/ tela

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