Luzia Lage

Luzia lage was born in Lisbon in 1962
He finishes the Drawing and Painting Course at IADE, and attends the Painting Course at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon.
Female Personality of the Year Award 2009, in the category of Plastic Arts, by national vote



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Public Dimension Work:

Three-dimensional tile panel – Mães de Água, CREL

Panel – Birth of the City, Emperor Building

Panel commemorating the inauguration of the Casa do Artista, Lisbon,

in partnership with the painters: Eduardo Alarcão, José Cândido, Maria Amaral and Fernando Faria

Film made by Álvaro Queiroz – The Artist in his Atelier – Records for the National Archive of the Moving Image, Collection of the Cinemateca Portuguesa

They wrote about his work:

Paulo Morais, Rodrigues Vaz, Manuela Martins, Albertina Estrela Guerreiro, Pedro Câmara, Júlio Quaresma, Lídia Jorge, Ezequiel Marinho, Eugénio Lisboa, Mário Nunes, Fernando Pinto do Amaral,

Fernando Carvalho Rodrigues, Edgardo Xavier and Paulo Brandão.

She is represented in several collections in Portugal and abroad.



Albino Moura

Arquivo de Ecos

Dimensões: 81 x 100

Técnica: Acrilíco s/ tela

Albino Moura

Ensaio para um voo

Dimensões: 50 x 40

Técnica: Acrilíco S/Tela

Albino Moura

O mistério da vontade

Dimensões: 60 x 60

Técnica: Acrilíco s/ tela

Albino Moura


Dimensões: 80 x 60

Técnica: Acrílico S/Tela

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