Manuela Pinheiro

Manuela Pinheiro has a degree in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Lisbon and has also taken a course in Pedagogical Sciences from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Lisbon. Fellow of the Spanish Government, he studied and worked in the main centers of engraving and painting in Spain, namely Madrid and Barcelona.

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Fellow of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Fellow of the High Culture Institute for research and specialization in engraving technique in Madrid and Barcelona under the guidance of Juana Mordó and in Paris under the guidance of William Stanley Hayter, Krisma Reddy and Baik Hwang. He has exhibited since 1959, participating in several collective and individual exhibitions, both at home and abroad. Manuela Pinheiro held about 35 solo exhibitions and integrated more than 110 international collective and biennial exhibitions at home and abroad. He won prizes for painting, drawing and engraving throughout his career as a plastic artist. He has been teaching since 1964 in Higher and Secondary Education and functions in the project “Humanization and Aesthetic Valuation of Educational Spaces – Office of the Minister of Education.” He works in parallel with pedagogical functions at the Ministry of Education. State of the Educational Administration, is represented in the collection of the Ministry of Culture, the National Library of Paris – Cabinet des Etgmpes, various museums, galleries and private collections at home and abroad (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, The United States, France, Greece, England, Italy, Mexico, Russia and Switzerland).

Nu Feminino 

Dimensões: 25 x 40

Técnica: Óleo s/ Tela


Dimensões: diametro 0,60

Técnica: Óleo s/ Tela

Nu IV 

Dimensões: 27 x 46

Técnica: Óleo s/ Tela

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