Mariola Landowska

Mariola Landowska is a Polish painter who once chose to live in Portugal, “a place of connection between Luso-Brazilian and Luso-Arabic cultures”
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Mariola Landowska clearly expresses her interest in and knowledge of indigenous cultures and the desire for an art that expresses the signs and icons of their mythologies. In this painting a feminine sensibility appears. We find, for example, various allusions to the myth of the “Great Mother.” Present in so many primitive societies but also ancestral root of common imaginaries.

Graduated in architecture in Poland, she studied painting later in Italy. He furthered his studies with knowledge of ethnography and mythology. His admiration for indigenous cultures led him to Morocco and Brazil to meet the Pi-Kiriri and Fulni-ôs tribes. It also explores different forms of artistic expression in marble tiles and sculpture.

If it is sensitive, regardless of its origins, the human being shares the emotion and aesthetic experience of art anywhere in the world.

Margarida Pinto Correia (Gil Foundation) 2008 “Humans and roots” dedicated to the Gil Foundation.

“… by the force of colors. For the universe of light, for the will to do of that World, because her work opens us windows. ”

Alicja Tylmann magazine “Szpak” Szczecin, Poland 2008

… “His Painting becomes a combination of contemporary aesthetics with figurative tradition inspired by the icons of primitive art. And the result is an expression of strength based on the simplicity of the forms and the energy of the strong colors … ”

Júlio Quaresma / Caras Magazine / October 26, 2002, Portugal

Mariola Landowska territorializes a universe of registers and languages ​​that refers us to venial cultures of the Upper Paleolithic and to the children’s drawings in a clear research on the signifiers and primitive icons.

An admirer of primitive culture, from its prehistoric manifestations to indigenous manifestations, the artist uses in her works a lexicon evanescence of the symbolisms of these ancestral cultures.

Dimensões: 47 x 60

Técnica: Acrílico S/ Tela

Dimensões: 20 x 20

Técnica: Técnica mista S/tela


Dimensões: 80 x 50

Técnica: Acrílico S/tela


Dimensão : 20 x 20

Acrílico S/ tela

Mariola Landowska

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