In 2002 Xicofran crosses with António Inverno. The Master, with his humility and wisdom, passed to Xicofran the most important techniques and knowledge, namely the Balance of the Screens and the magnificent points of Light. Xicofran places at his fingertips all his passion for the simplest things of our creating true masterpieces that draw, from the purest of our subconscious, an intense curiosity that always culminates with an uncontrollable smile.


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With a promising future and an unforgettable past, Xicofran already has works belonging to the estate of several pure lovers of Art in Portugal and abroad, and it is to be praised that, based on the continuous and systematic work that has been developed, it has been imposed as a strong and consolidated presence in the artistic world. MAIN EXHIBITIONS Year 2011 JUNE – Collective exhibition in Barcelona at the “Centro Cívico de Barcelona” with the theme “Arte perl a Pau”; JUNE – Individual Exhibition “Festa do Jazz” Art Gallery on the Estoril Line, with live performances by singers Maria Viana and Pat Escobar accompanied by the guitarist João Maló. MAY – Amnesty International’s 50th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition. MAY – Garcia de Orta Hospital Collective Exhibition, Artur Bual Art Circle; FEBRUARY – Guest artist to participate in the commemorative exhibition of Josephine Baker in Portugal at the Teatro da Trindade; Year 2010 NOVEMBER – Live painting at Coliseu dos Recreios Lisboa (Show of the 40 years of the career of Cantor Paco Bandeira); JUNE – Collective Exhibition at Galeria Mafalda D’Eça – ESTORIL; JUNE – Individual Exhibition “Momentos de Jazz” Odemira Municipal Chamber; MAY – “JAZZ” Exhibition International Art Fair “the ART HAUT-RHIN ALSACE 2010 in France”; April – “Jazz” exhibition at buchholz Bookstore Lisbon; April – “Jazz” Theater of Mala Posta inserted in the celebrations of the 30 years of Careira of Jazz Singer Maria Viana; April – Exhibition “Jazz” Casino of Estoril, inserted in the celebrations of the 30 years of Careira of Jazz Singer Maria Viana; Year 2009 OCTOBER – Collective Exhibition at the Cultural Center of Cascais with the Polish Painter Mariola Landowska “Through the fado” Exhibition inserted in the celebrations of the 10 years of the death of the Fado Diva (Amália) JUNE – “Jazz” exhibition at the Jazz Lagoa Festival (Guest Artist); JUNE – “Jazz” exhibition at the S. Luís Municipal Theater in Lisbon, part of the commemorations of Maria Viana’s 30-year career; MAY – Exhibition of jazz screens on the Stage of the Eunice Muños Auditorium – during the Andrea Pozza Trio Concert with special guest appearances by Maria Viana and Laurent Filipe; APRIL – Exhibition at the Water Museum in Coimbra APRIL – Exhibition of the Aula Magna of the University of Coimbra (Prize works of the First Biennial of the International Painting Competition of the Rataria Portuguesa Foundation) Year 2008 December – Cascais Cultural Center, within the scope of 80 years of Jazz in Cascais; December – Edition of the book of the 100 Painters of Contemporary Art (Firts Gallery); OTHER MOMENTS 2010 – Casa do Gil Invitation (Illustration of the 2010 Christmas Postcard of the Casa do Gil), donation to the Casa do Gil of the original Illustration for Auction at the Palácio Sotto Mayor Lisbon; 2009 – Guest artist for the coordination of the nucleus of Painting of the Artists of the Artistic and Cultural Circle Artur Bual “; 2009 – Prize Distinction of the 1st Biennial “INTERNATIONAL PRINTING OF FRP PAINTING” (2009) PORTUGUESE ROTARY FOUNDATION (in association with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation) 2008 – Guest artist for illustration of the DVD of the “30 years of the Career of Jazz of Maria Viana”; 2008 – Invited by several Schools for the execution of Painting Workshops; 2008 – Casa Gil Invitation (illustration of a Christmas Card); 1994 – Interior Design Course, ESAD Lisbon; 1995 – Young Artistic Revelation Award from Amadora delivered by Artur Bual; 1994 – Winner of “ARTES”, C.M. Seixal – Seixal; 1993 – Winner of the “Grand Prize for Painting”, BANIF Lisboa.

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Técnica: Acrílico S/papel



Técnica: Acrilíco S/Papel

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